We as HCL Scaffolding is suppliers of Tuff Scaff Aluminium Scaffolding at really Appropriate prices.

This has resulted in our TUFFSCAFF product being safer, lighter and faster to erect and dismantle, all at a highly competitive price. TUFFSCAFF is the only aluminium scaffolding in South Africa to be weight tested by SABS to confirm compliance with BS 1139 Part 3/1994 Edition.

  • – Colour-coded for easy identification


  • – Equipped with floating spigots for easy erection and dismantling
  • – Large T-piece joints, cover 800mm of the upright for extra strength
  • – Stairwell frames have five rungs, making them extremely strong

Adjustable Castors:

  • – 200mm poly-urethane wheels
  • – Each castor has a brake and swivel action


  • – Fixed and trapdoor plywood decks

Lock Braces:

  • – Unique short braces that lock frames securely together

Aluminium towers are for sale or hire. All our hire equipment is kept in excellent condition, with all components cleaned, checked and relabelled on return. If required, we offer the following services when hiring our towers: Delivery, Erection, Moving, Dismantle and Collection.

Our representatives are available to conduct free site inspections to determine your specific requirements. Let us offer you peace of mind by applying our vast knowledge and experience in the industry and assisting you with your access needs on any project.


A New department we are starting is advertising Scaffolding and Site Awning Advertising.

The price of Advertising has skyrocketed and on construction sites it’s always better to build awnings so that it looks neat and for some security.
We negotiate with you the client and with advertising companies to put advertising on the outside of construction sites with logos of sponsored companies with a lot of extras and packages.

Advertising will pay a percentage of the awning and the contractor a percentage.
It’s a win, win situation all around.

  • – Awning with no lurking eyes on the site.
  • – Awning with the advertising on and lighting will help with security.
  • – Advertising that will be noticed next to roads that people commute on every day will stick in there memory.
  • – Security Cams can be installed on them for extra security prepossess and will help with site insurance.


Scaffold Awning Packages:

  • – Plain corner scaffold wrapped with advertising boards. 2m(L) by 2m(W) by 4.5(H)
  • – Scaffolding more that 5m by 5m showing towards roads.
  • – Container stacked with advertising on the site and bolted to anchors.
  • – Site awning on one site or all four from 2m (H) by 10m (L) to 4m (H) by 50m (L).

All packages includes extras such as lighting, brackets for flags and cameras.

Eco Rubber